04/04/2015 – Beach Beach-Glaring Sweat (2014)

The sound of the Summer just arrived, and it’s jangly!



The words Spanish, Jangly and Indie don’t normally go together. But in Beach Beach’s case this is exactly what they do. This Spanish quartet’s second album, the Sea, is a collection of Sun infused guitar pop classics.



Sounding like the Pale Fountains going skiffle while on holiday in Catalonia, there is an element of fun to these songs seldom heard in today’s crop of guitar worriers. Opening track Friendly is an instrumental. Only at the end of its sixty seconds to you realise that you didn’t miss the lack of lyrics at all. Just Like Before opens with a barrage brazen guitar chords, until the melody, and lyrics, kick in. A Weak Song is more of the Sun drenched same. The rest of the album follows this simple, but effective, pattern. Massive Big intro followed by verse/melody, then a chorus, more verses and choruses until the outro. At times there are elements of the Smiths thrown in, but instead of a morose, self-deprecating vibe, it is replaced with one that seems to says “Everything’s gonna be alright as long as we’re together and the Sun is out”. And what’s wrong with that?



As Spring is rapidly approaching this is the perfect album to help remove the cobwebs of Winter. It should be the official soundtrack to every BBQ in the land. Playing it should be the only way to ensure that your sausages and burgers don’t get burned and your salad isn’t soggy.











  1. Wow…. I have found a great site… my best friend is a Music Freak and this looks like exactly his kind of blog…. 🙂

  2. Great find! Upbeat and Happy Music! I can imagine playing this album at a BBQ. It certainly has a beach feel to it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I could say this is perfect for Summer getaway! I have always love this kind of music.

  4. Yep this definitely sounds like a song you’d listen to on your way to the beach or simply on a drive to your summer vacation!

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