03/04/2015 – The Flirtations-Nothing but a Heartache (1968)

Because every Bank Holiday needs a soundtrack…



Another Bank Holiday has descended over the nation. Whether it’ll be a classic Bank Holiday is down to you, so you better make it a great one! Every Bank Holiday needs a soundtrack, over the years mine have been back by Britpop, Acid Techno, Hip-Hop and show tunes, and that was all in one car journey!



This time I have decided to stick to a specific genre, and picked some of my favourite Northern Soul tracks. For those of your not in the know, Northern Soul is a genre used to describe obscure American Soul records. In the late 1960s to the early 1970s, this music was King in the North of England and cities like Manchester, Wigan and Blackpool were the epicentres of this scene.



While I was never able to go to any of the original club nights, the venues shut many years before I was born, I have always had a love for this music, and have regularly attended Northern Soul nights wherever I’ve been living. This list is full of tracks that have made me bop and spin whenever I heard them played



Richard Temple-That Beatin’ Rhythm



What I really like about this is that, not only does it having a driving beat, always a plus for a Northern Soul track, but it’s production and arrangement is super tight, another plus point for it.





Lilian Dupree-Hide and Seek



Any song that makes an adult yearn to play Hide and Seek always gets my vote! The song is basically one massive chorus, as Hide and Seek is said throughout the verses as well as the chorus.





The Flirtations-Nothing but a Heartache



In my honest opinion this is possibly the one finest pieces of Northern Soul there. It contains everything you need. Lamenting lyrics, soaring vocals, a 4/4 beat and uplifting chords.





Major Lance-It’s the Beat



One of the major features of the Northern Soul scene was that each DJ would claim they were the only person to have a record. I’ve been to a lot of Northern Soul nights and the only place I ever heard this was at a night in Bournemouth. Whenever it played the place went NUTS as they knew they wouldn’t hear it played out again for a while.




Shirley Ellis-Soul Time



“It’s time for Soul Time” is a line that sends goose bumps through my body! Can you pick out the sample that the Go! Team used? Bonus point if you name the track it was sampled in…





Shane Martin-I Need You



Another heartbroken song here. What is about mournful lyrics coupled with uplifting music?





Keep the Faith!











  1. amygm said:

    Nick, I love that song by the Flirtations. And a bank holiday! Lucky you!

  2. It’s the Beat… all the way. Love getting those old 45″‘s out. Great music choices today.

    • There’s something about this that is really fitting for a bank holiday

  3. I have a thing for “oldies” maybe because my parents liked them as well and it was passed down through generation 🙂

  4. Sounds like I’ve heard this on a movie, classic choice of music. I love it

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