01/04/2015 – The Tamborines-Another Day (2015)

DIY never sounded so good!



Currently there is a movement in the Capital of bands ditching walls of feedback, to create something more subdued, melancholy and intimate. YOOFS, King TV and the Tamborines are at the forefront of this scene. Sea of Murmur is the second album from the Tambornies. Instead of fuzz soaked tracks, this sophomore album is chocked full of simple lo-fi power pop gems. Opting for the less is more technique has given this duo the ability to create something that shows off their intensity, as well as their ability to write touching lyrics.



Opening track Another Day has starts with a hypnotic riff, that’s as catchy as it is simple. However it’s the chorus that’s the real kicker “Something always rhymes with goodbye”. There is something in Henrique Laurindo voice that tells you, these aren’t just words he’s put together, this is something that he’s lived through. And it’s this honesty that really comes across in the music. This collection of songs wasn’t written to hit a hit, or because the album needed filling out a bit, oh no, they were written because they had to be.



While Sea of Murmur is a strong album, it’s tracks to tend to blur into each, due to the lack of musical diversity. I totally understand that when you strip everything down there aren’t a lot of places you can go, but a fuzzing up a couple of the tracks would have been a subtle change to the texture of the album.












  1. thank you for sharing! I generally limit myself to country music, but it is always great to hear other things – I should branch out with my listening!

  2. Loved the sound – it sounded ‘old-fashioned’ almost. I must confess the visuals gave me a headache! 😉

  3. I normally stick with my favourite country music…I should branch out to other types more often!

  4. That video though! Wow… thanks for sharing this information, it was interesting.

  5. It does sound like hale, it’s one of my favorite local band in my place.

  6. i tend to stick to country music, but I really should try and branch out with what I listen to. Thanks for sharing this video!

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