March 2015 Playlist

Things we have learnt in March



BNJMN is slowly becoming a pivotal player in the world of dance music.





Sweden’s Seaside Heights look like the real deal, as indie-pop breakthrough stars this year





The weird and lurid story of Death Grips might not be as over as originally suspected, as they are now back on the road again





Even if you lose a member and slightly change your sound it doesn’t stop Portico from releasing another strong album





Sasha Siem has not only released one of the years standout albums, she puts on one hell of a life show too!





And finally you don’t need to head to East London to see a slew of brilliant new bands thanks to the Du Bellows, Dolls, Two Hands, Ella and the Blisters, Odd Rival and the Hanwell Hootie!










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