31/03/2015 – Avalanche Party-Money (2015)

North East’s hidden secret look set to change script in 2015



Last year Avalanche Party impressed me. A lot! Obstacle was my song of the year. Since then I have kept my eyes and ears out for them. After a winter hibernating in studios, sporadic jaunts to live venues, they have finally emerged with the fruits of their labour.



Come back single Money is darkly melodic and insanely catchy. Through simple chord progressions, plus an organ that sounds somewhere between Rob Collins and Captain Nemo, they have crafted three and a half minutes that is as unsettling as it is auspicious. The song ends with a pandemonium of guitars, organs and drums until it sadly fades out.



What’s more the video is surreally terrifying. It’s a mixture of Shane Meadows and David Lynch, but you know, funny.





While Money isn’t as visceral as Obstacle, it does pack one hell of a punch. This is definitely a band to watch out for this year!













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  1. Quite fascinating! I cannot say that music is really my style…very eclectic voice and interesting video as well!

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