30/03/2015 – Fort Romeau-Lately (2015)

London producer’s sophomore album hits all the right notes



Sounding like 16-Bit versions of Vangelis/Jean-Michel Jarre, Fort Romeau’s new album Insides showcases his ability to create massively intricate soundscapes, while never becoming over blown. This is a rare talent and one that has seen him play in some of the most influential clubs in the world.



As the album progresses, you release that this is not just a selection of tracks thrown together; you are being taken on a musical journey. Opening track New Wave combines, what feels like ever decreasing synth loops, with minimal beats. Folle contains a constant cascade of synth, backed by a hypnotic pulsating beat. While the first two tracks are fairly laidback, All I Want ramps things up with a banging house beat. Title track Insides slows things down a bit, but the rhythmic beat and wonky synth stops this from getting bogged down chill-out territory. Lately is seven minutes of swirling synth that envelope you with this dense fog that only clears as the track ends.



While Insides isn’t a perfect album, it does set him aside from his peers. Still at an early stage of his career Fort Romeau showcases his ability to create music with one ear on the dancefloor, and one in the bedroom. Whether you were a regular at Plastic People or a bedroom DJ, there should be plenty here for you to engage with.














  1. Spotify is giving me problems, tried to find it on YouTube but there was nothing. Even tried to search for it on Spotify, nothing.

  2. Your description of this track sounds pretty enticing! Thanks for the cool track!

  3. It’s always great to know the full story of the artist and the song, it makes you understand the lyrics and mellow of it.

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