29/03/2015 – Dolls- Killing Time (2014)

So the third Hanwell Hootie is over. And its safe to say it eclipsed all expectations. The line-up this year was stronger than previous year, so much that there were many scheduling clashes. However I did manage to watch some amazing bands. I started off watching Du Bellows. This local five piece kicked things off perfectly with their brand of classic rock, with folklore leanings. Despite a few guitar issues, broken strings mainly, their thirty minute set showcased why they are one of the most exciting bands on the scene today. The Prince of Wales was rammed and there were even a few celebrity’s knocking about too, most notably Tony Way, who played Dontos Hollard (the drunk knight) in Game of Thrones.

East London duo Dolls were up next. Their brand of shouty, catchy pop punk really got the Prince of Wales going. After Du Bellows and Dolls, Two Hands were next on the list. The Duke of York was jumping to their rhythmic heavy rock sound. Since I’d last seen them lead singer Tom Stock has written some new songs, and they sounded as good current favourites Follow and Barely Know You. After a quick break Ella and the Blisters were on the agenda. This seven piece gypsy punkers brought the Kings Arms to its knees. Their set was full of infectious songs that was impossible not to jig to. A special mention must be given to accordion Blister. Her fingers never stopped moving and I expect she might possibly have a few blisters today.

Next on the list was Odd Rival. This trio played fast and hard math punk. It was the complete opposite to Ella and the Blisters, but they won the crowd over. To end the night I went to the Village Inn and watched Shanty and Felix Hagan and the Family. If was the perfect way to end a great day of live music.

A special thanks needs to be given to all the people who helped to make this event happen. I doff my hat to you all! Same time next year, yeah?






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