28/03/2015 – The Coral-Travelling Circus (2002)

Bored this weekend? Why not go to the circus!



It’s that time of year when the circus is in town. Over the years the Moscow State, Billy Smart, Zippo’s and everyone else in between has performed in London and each one has been unique. Now it’s the turn of the Moscow State to come back with YET another story and different performers to entertain us.



The story this time is based on the Benjamin Losin’s folklore tale Cvetik-Semicvetik, or in English the flower with seven colours. In the story a young girl is given a flower with seven petals by Wizard Wako and each petal gives her a wish. Throughout the show, the petals are used either as a transitionary device, or to help give with the morality storyline.





Wizard Wako, and his comedy cohort Natalia Mezentceva, act not only as ringmasters and clowns, but as subterfuge while the set and apparatus are being changed. Wako is quite possibly the most energetic clown I have seen in recent years. His comedy timing with Mezentceva, combined with his athleticism meant that when he was on stage your eyes never wandered.



While this performance might not have the high risk acts that pervious productions have, it does make up for it with inventiveness. Two performers holding a flexible beam while Stynka backflips and summersaults off and on it, might not have the impact, as say, six acrobats performing leaps of faith and high risk catches high in the Big-Top’s roof, but the results are just as exciting and astounding.



The Moscow State Circus is currently at Richmond Old Deer Park until March 31st, and then they move to Shepherd’s Bush Green until April 19th.











  1. Oh how cool is this. Very fitting because on Saturday we were driving around a little bit and found a Showcase museum of the Carnival people here around the area where I live. Never knew it was there.

  2. This reminds me of a friend who loves this kind of music. I find it very interesting.

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