21/03/2015 – Dave McCabe and the Ramifications-Space and Time (2015)

Ex-Zutons front man returns with something totally unexpected

When I first heard Dave McCabe was releasing new music, I have to say I wasn’t that enthused. At the end of the Zutons career they were a slight pastiche of themselves. All the excitement and promise of their debut releases had vanished, and they’d turned into a standard middle of the road rock band. McCabe probably felt this too, as he called it a day after their third album.

So, again, when I heard that McCabe was releasing new music I wasn’t that bothered. However, as often does, I heard the new song by accident. At first I had to double check that the artist was McCabe. There are no guitars, and the lyrics are sparse and slightly surreal.

After a few listens Space and Time is slowly becoming one of my songs, not just of the month, but the year. For the first time since 2003 I’m excited to hear what McCabe releases next!





  1. I’m beginning to like the playlist. Thank you for sharing

  2. Just letting you know that it won’t play Time& Space for me. No idea why 😦

  3. I am loving this track. saving this one up for tonight.

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