20/03/2015 – Death Grips-Inanimate Sensation

Death Grips release final album, mission accomplished



So the wait is finally over. Death Grips, as is their custom, leaked their latest album Jenny Death. This is the second part, of one of the most eagerly awaited albums in recent years, to The Powers that Be. The first part was last year Niggas on the Moon. The album that was made entirely from Björk songs samples. While it wasn’t as intense as previous Death Grips albums, it still contained their trademark blistering production and scathing lyrical attacks on Western society.



Opening track I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States starts with what sounds like a manipulated fog horn, then MC Ride’s raspy shouts enter the mix and help to create a terrifying  wall of sound. Inanimate Sensation follows suit, sounding like a F1 car on acid, it lurches along until it’s shouty chorus kicks in. This is the sound the Prodigy have been promising, but failing to deliver of late. It has ravey bass undertones, but keeps its feet firmly in the pit. On GP has a classic rock vibe to it, with its 4/4 guitar riff, but instead of the MOR anthem you expect, Death Grips subvert it by turning it into an attack on the senses. Fianl track Death Grips 2.0 is a three minute glitchy instrumental that closes the album perfectly.





Jenny Death is an unrelenting attack on the senses. It’s the musical equlivant of drinking a bottle of Econa’s extra hot sauce. You sweat, feel uncomfortable, but ultimately feel like you’ve achieved something. After listening to Jenny Death, you know you’ve heard not just a brilliant unflinching album, but you’ve experienced a work of art.



This is a fitting end to a totally uncompromising and enigmatic band.












  1. I am so confused. I don’t know whether to like it or not. That sound they make in the beginning is a turn off for me but the rest I really like and enjoy. Great choice Nick!

  2. Your choices are always so interesting. This one was okay…not a favorite, but thanks for sharing.

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