18/03/2015 – Tyrannosaurus Dead-Matthew (2013)

T-Dead are dead. Long live T-Dead



Yesterday this announcement rocked my world



Hello! So, this is a funny one. We’ve got a few more shows lined up, but at the end of May, T Dead are gonna stop being a band. Nothing bad or anything, we’re all best friends, it just feels a good time to stop. So we want to say thank you to everyone that’s helped us out over the last few years, for putting us on, doing cover art, putting our records out and coming to shows.

Catch us on these dates for the very last time!

April 3rd – Wales Goes Pop // Cardiff
May 16th – Brighton
May 30th – London

It’s been a blast! x



Tyrannosaurus Dead’s brand of lo-fi indie with poignant thought provoking lyrics made them one of the best new bands in the country. Their debut album Flying Ant Day was one of the highlights of last year, hell, Drowned in Sound gave it an unprecedented 9/10. Their live gigs were more than just shows. It brought like mined people together. People who were bored with all the posturing and slogan shouting choruses. It was a place it was ok to talk about your favourite authors as well as what is the best Sonic Youth album, while drinking and dancing. And this is why they will be missed.



But there is a sunny side. They never released a bad song and they end on a massive high. Who knows maybe they’ll become some cult band who years from now will re-from and release another outstanding album, you know, like the Pop Group or Linda Perhacs.



Cheers T-Dead, it was a blast!














  1. I have to say it’s not my personal favorite. It’s just not something I would listen to. 😦

  2. Very sad news – really great band, but another one who probably just couldn’t afford to keep going.

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