16/03/2015 –Blake Cameron-Ultrasound (2015)

Grand Rapids troubadour looks set to make 2015 his break out year!



In recent years the art of the protest song has dwindled slightly. Gone are the days when Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Ewan MacColl, Billy Bragg, Bob Marley, and Neil Young could effortlessly write a song about social injustice at the drop of hat. Tom Morello had a stab at it with this Night Watchman side project, but the results seemed flat. It’s not like all of the world’s problems have been solve, far from it, but there is a new voice out who is taking up this tradition of singing about what’s wrong in the hope it will change. Enter Michigan’s Cameron Blake.



Blake is a protest singer song writer in the purest form. He write from the perspective of the aggrieved and down trodden. Be that Israel and Palestine’s on going conflict, an Oil Boom, or living hand to mouth. He’s songs are full of social injustice and melancholy. But they is beauty there too. He’s written about his unborn daughter on Ultrasound, which is full of hope and love. The rapid fingerpicking in this song represents her quick heartbeat in the womb” Blake said about the song. Using only his voice and an acoustic guitar he channels Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake and James Yorkston, with the social commentary of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen Nebraska era.



All of this is evident on Blake’s last album, Alone on the World Stage. During its writing and recording he explains that there “was a huge learning curve playing solo and writing songs that can carry without added instrumentation, but it’s been an invigorating process that has forced me to become even more critical of my writing and playing” When questioned about what influenced Alone on the World Stage, Blake answered “Many artists have inspired the project from Nick Drake to Japanese Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno and Danish filmmaker Carl Dryer.”

Later this month Blake releases his third album. It’s shaping up to be another solid release from Grand Rapid’s folk troubadour. When questioned about the song writing process he replied “Every night before I wrote I had a mantra I would repeat to myself: You have everything you need to write a great song- a brain, a heart and a pencil.” With inner belief like and heart felt poignant songs, it’s hard to see how 2015 shouldn’t be Blake’s breakout year.











  1. Dezi said:

    I love all the information you provided with the song 🙂 Thanks for sharing Nick!

  2. I really enjoyed this song, it is much calmer then what I usually listen to but I wouldn’t mind having it in my playlist.

  3. I really like this song! Thanks for showcasing this band!
    Probably never would have come across this if it wasn’t for your blog!

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