15/03/2015 – AFS-Mother’s Day (2007)

I thought today would be a simple piece about Mother’s Day. I thought I’d found a good song, that summed it all up nicely.However after doing some digging I found something far more interesting.



The story of AFS’ Mother’s Day, isn’t so much a story of a song, but about its creator. Mother’s Day begun life when one of AFS’ (AKA Adham Fisher) friends bought an black audio cassette at a jumble sale in Winnipeg. Far from being blank it contained an audio letter that a man, and father, had sent to his children about not sending their mother a Mother’s Day card/present. The friend passed it on to Fisher, possibly because he thought he’d find it amusing. Fisher not only found it amusing he decided to create a whole song around it.



The song itself is a slow burning dance track. It’s repetitive bassline, synth loop and beat match perfectly with unknown father’s lambasting of his children. As the bollocking gets more intense, so does the music. When it finally ends you feel like he is talking to YOU. Eventually it was released on Atomicduster Records, after being mentioned in their Spotlight section. After its release it Mother’s Day was played by BBC DJ’s Tom Robinson, Huw Stephenson and Rob Da Bank. What makes the release even more remarkable is that the B-Side is another audio letter from the same father to his children apologising for his previous message as they did actually send a Mother’s Day card and present (it’s a reflector!?!) which Fisher also set to slightly folktronic music.



When I looked into Fisher in more detail I found out that he doesn’t just make music. He is a Guinness World Record Holder. He is the Co-holder (with 6 other Brits) of the NYC Rapid Transit Challenge, completing the task in 22 hours, 26 minutes and 2 seconds. He has also successfully managed to visit all of the London Underground stations in under 17 hours, that’s 270 stations.



To mark the 150th Anniversary of London Underground, he was part of a group that made a track that lists all 270 stations over a beat made with sounds recorded on the Underground.





Fisher has also made another track, under the name 1,000 Stations, that lists all of Paris’ subway stations to a jaunty beat.





What Fisher does next is anyone’s guess. He said in a recent interview “I’ve wanted to go from John O’Groats to Land’s End on local buses; maybe that could happen this year” Let’s hope it does, and he writes a song about it too. On these two tube tracks, and Mother’s Day, Fisher’s creativity makes even the most mundane activates, traveling the tube, seem exiting and an adventure. Who knows what he could make of a trip across the United Kingdom? I would love for Fisher to meet Nick Papadimitriou so the two of them could set some ‘deep topography’ to music. That would be a meeting I would love to witness!



Oh and before I forget, call your Mum before your Dad leaves a ranty message on your phone.













  1. I absolutely enjoyed every bit of this track, brought me back to my time back in Germany where music like this was constantly on my playlist.

  2. I find it very interesting. we have a friends who loves this kind of beat.

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