14/03/2015 – Yoofs-Won’t You Tell Me (2015)

Newgazing relatives continue to spread their jangly message with new EP



I’ve thought this for a long time but YOOFS are the new Jesus and Mary Chain. While this might not be 100% percent apparent at a first, it does become clearer once you listen to it all back to back (which I heartily recommend). Like JaMC the band is predominantly made up of two brothers. Their debut We Used 2 Be Fun was a joyful noise. While it never reached the levels of feedback of Psychocandy, it is a fuzzed out lo-fi classic. Then cleaned up their act, well sound, on last year’s Something. Similar to the Jesus and Mary Chain’s second album Darklands they showed that they didn’t need feedback to write and record great songs. Now they are back with a new EP and sound. A happy medium seems to have been reached. While their guitars aren’t as clean as on Something, there is definitely more jangly pop than on We Used 2 be Fun.



Another Boring Day gets things moving nicely. Everything you need to know about it is here. Won’t You Tell Me has Indian influences, that show the Dent’s aren’t afraid to experiment for the sake of the song. Can’t Think (Anything Clever To Say) is all story we all know too well. But unlike those moments they articulate it perfectly in four minutes. Final track They Call It Fate brings the EP to a great end. Dreamy droney keyboards swirl around crisp guitars and hazy vocals. And it features Brighton’s Post-Heather too. What’s not to love?



Starting with Another Boring Day, this is anything but a boring EP. In fifteen minutes the family Dent serve up four tracks that continue their foray into Summery newgazing pop. Each track radiates sunshine and lethargy. After hearing the opening bars of each of these tracks I don’t want to do anything but sit and listen. Whether their next album will continue in this vein of song writing, we will find out soon enough, but if this EP is anything to go by their next album could be their Automatic!











  1. My friends used to listen music just like this.

  2. With this song I can imagine a video right from the start! Definitely not bad!

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