12/03/2015 – Crooked Colours-Another Way (2015)

Australian electro pop trio hit new peak with new dark wave single



Australia has been going through a renaissance in recent years, musically speaking. Flume has been making waves in dance music circles. PVT has released some excellent albums for Warp Records. Sia has hit a creative peak. Iggy Azalea’s continued conquest to Pop Domination goes on almost unchallenged. 5 Seconds of Summer are giving One Direction a run for their money in the pop market. Tama Impala successfully merged psychedelic and indie pop together in a previously unimaginable way and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released their best album in a decade with Push the Sky. Electronic Pop trio Crooked Colours are hoping to get in on this high water mark.



Currently being dubbed as one of the hottest electronic bands coming out of Australia, Crooked Colours make dark electronic dance music with a pop twist. New single Another Way continues the darker direction that last year’s Capricious laid the ground work for. This is achieved in two parts. Firstly the music is at a slightly slower tempo. It incorporates elements from dubstep/EDM, bass wobbles, 8-bit synth loops and hi-hat beats all make up the mix. Secondly in Phil Slabber Crooked Colours have a vocalist who transcends both dance and pop music. However it isn’t all doom and gloom. Slabber’s layered vocals help to create a tension and drama, they also contain the all-important hooks that get lodged in your brain. This combination makes Another Way a great slice of forward thinking pop.



This isn’t the last we’ll hear from Crooked Colours this year. Rumour has it that another single is set for release and they are currently working on their debut album. They are also on tour with fellow Australian’s San Cisco. The tour dates are here http://sancisco.com/blogs/tours they will also be playing a number of under 18 shows too. After this tour ends, in between recording, they will be going out on their own headline tour too.











  1. Grace said:

    I hope the rumor becomes reality!

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