10/03/2015 – Telegram-Inside Outside (2015)

A gauntlet has been laid down that Clint Eastwood would approve of



Who said guitar music is dead? Whoever it was hasn’t told Telegram. This guitar worrying London quartet has unleashed, on Speedy Wunderground, one of the finest pieces of guitar pop this year, in under three and a half minutes no less. And what’s more is bloody catchy too!



Telegram are no strangers Speedy Wunderground’s de facto leader Dan Carey, and number two Alexis Smith. In 2013 he produced their debut belter Follow. Inside Outside is rougher and raunchier compared to the polished Glam of Follow. Telegram’s guitars are more woozy and their riffs laconic. Imagine Roxy Music covering the New York Dolls covering the Velvet Underground in Berlin. Inside Outside also boasts catchy lyrics that match the music. “Satellites are rolling and I’m not joking” has been doing the round in my head since I first heard it.



The flipside is, as usual, a Cary dub version of the A-Side. Mr. Dan’s Inside Out Dub is exactly what it says on the tin, or label. Loads of echo and XXX. At times it sounds like Cary has been listening to Cristobal Tapia de Veer genius score for Channel Four’s Utopia. Shame there isn’t going to be a third series as this would be perfect for it!



Since their last slab of proto glam rock Telegram have toured and started on their eagerly awaited debut album. If Inside Outside is anything to go by it will well worth the hype this quartet have generated. As for detractors of guitar music, Telegram have shown that there are new bands out there that will continue to write and play live. And for their peers, match us if you can.



As for Speedy Wunderground, as Carey says “It’s still steering itself but we just keep discovering more and more things that we like. The Speedy family is getting bigger”. Considering the other releases on Speedy, this is a family that you wouldn’t to mess with! Musically speaking.











  1. Interesting selection of songs to consider! I’m a bit “not into” the music scene it seems! This helps me keep updated!

  2. Grace said:

    If Clint Eastwood would agree with this song then it is worth listening too!

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