08/03/2015 – Cath and Phil Tyler-1000 Years (2008)

Folk duo’s debut album shows folk’s original traditions are alive and well



When listening to Dumb Supper, it’s hard to put an age on the recordings. You could easily guess somewhere between the mid 1960’s until the present day. When you find out that it was actually recorded in 2008 you start to admire the timelessness of the album. This is classic folk, but recorded in contemporary times.



They write and perform narrative based songs, full voiced sacred harp singing and sparse mountain banjo. Their music can be more minimal than other current folk groups, their less is more approach enhances their Anglo-American sounding music.



What really excites me about today’s track 1000 Years, is the interplay between voice and instrument. There is a wonderful harmony going. The guitar playing is also exquisite. Personally this is the stand out track on their debut album Dumb Supper. Compared to some other contemporary folk artists, Cath and Phil’s music is criminally ignored and should have a place in your collection and heart.



Cath and Phil Tyler are currently on tour and I’m looking forward to seeing them. Do yourself a favour and firstly get both of their albums and then secondly go and show your support if they play in your town.














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  1. Makes me want to explore other folk songs. Never thought I’d like a song with harps in it.

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