06/03/2015 – BNJMN and Best Available Technology-022 (2015)

Digital collaboration by Oregon maverick and Berlin resident man of the moment shows the beauty of the dark



What do you get is you cross abstract soundscapes and minimal techno? De/Re-Constructions. This isn’t some kind of Lynchain riddle, it is in fact the new album by Portland maverick Best Available Technology and Berlin based BNJMN.



De/Re-Constructions may only contain thirty three minutes, but those thirty three minutes were culled from a year’s worth of file sharing and emails. The album is a true collaboration, in the best meaning of the word. It’s almost impossible to know exactly where one artist starts and the other ends. The album’s manipulated samples, loops and beats were merge together to create a perfect soundtrack for either late night existentialism, tube journeys or those early morning teas after a night out.



Opening track Wired start off sounding like Pong, then slowly a glitch menace descends and it sounds like a John Carpenter film in the 1980’s. The tension builds until it ends like it started, with an 8-bit loop. Ghosting is where the album really starts to pick up. Repetitive beats, minimal bass, with a soundscape that sounds like it was made sleepwalking. 022 is the mission statement for the whole album. Through clever arrangement it slowly builds up peaks and troughs until an intense maelstrom is reached. Then it slowly winds down the tension, but not the intensity.



After the success of last year’s IV EP and Coil BNJMN has cemented his reputation as being one the brightest up and coming producers in dance music today. With the announcement of his new relase and new label BNJMN is definitely one to be watching as the year progresses.












  1. For some odd reason this track reminds me of the opening song of American Horror Story which I absolutely love. I have a soft spot for weird things 🙂

  2. This looks interesting, Same, I think I watched it somewhere on a thriller movie.

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