05/03/2015 – Ilser-Led By Silence (2014)

Ethereal Post-Punk by the North East’s new hidden secret



The words ethereal and punk don’t normally go together. Ethereal normally goes with folk, pop and jazz. Newcastle’s Ilser don’t have a problem mixing styles to create something new. In fact, given the strength of their debut single, it appears they don’t have any problems doing anything.



Led By Silence is a masterclass in the quiet/loud formula. Opening with a delicate feedback, the kind that envelopes you. A pretty guitar chord progression carries this on until luscious vocals kick in. So far it’s all very nice, but a bit light and airy, then at one minute forty BAM a wall of drums and guitars fills the mix and things take a heavier turn. This sudden explosion of noise is very welcome. Sounding like Esben and the Witch covering early Smashing Pumpkins, the track continues along this pattern until it sadly ends. Forgotten Youth has a simpler structure. The whole track is based on a few chords. These chords are played again and again in a drone like mantra until its conclusion.



As the year is still young, let’s hope for more of the same from this trio. April and May sees them take to road for a trio of gigs. All sadly in the North East. After these two tracks I’m chomping at the bit to hear more, let’s hope we don’t have to wait long to hear this exciting channel their influences and experiences.














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