04/03/2015 – Cal Folger Day-Homez A Place (2015)

Folk chanteuse’s pulls heartstrings and with latest EP



The beauty of folk music is that to be authentic it hasn’t had to change. All you really need is an acoustic instrument and a soaring voice. While music has progressed since Shirley Collins and Joan Baez, folk doesn’t need it to sound great. Some folktards think you need more. Luckily Cal Folger Day isn’t in this camp.



What Day does effortlessly is mixing elements of Beth Orton, Joanna Newsom and Linda Perhacs to create something new and heart breaking. On opening track Homez a Place her ethereal voice soars while the music swirls around her, enveloping her in scenes of nature, but you know, with witches. The track ends in a twee maelstrom. A maelstrom in a twee cup, if you will.



The Adornament EP is released by those good people at Reeks of Effort. This should be a real surprise as Day fits into their mission statement perfectly. While Day might not make the kind of racket that King of Cats, Trust Fund, T-Dead and Joanna Gruesome do, she does make music that has intensity and beauty.












  1. Bradley Finnearty said:

    Folk music is one of the genres that run into at music festivals around Southeastern Ohio. It is a beautiful and relaxing style of music. Thanks for bringing her to our attention.

  2. This song is really cool! It fits absolutely perfect together.

  3. I remember my parents playing folk music when I was a child but I always had a harder time getting into it. I listened to the track above and the musician’s voice blends very well with the music. Maybe I would like folk music better now as an adult:)

    • I think it depends on the artist. Why not try Beth Orton, Joanna Newsom, Ana Caravelle and other modern folkies.

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