03/03/2015 – Jake Rollins-Super Deluxe (2015)

Concept DIY Dropout Pop never sounded this vital and fun!



Last September a new label came to my attention. While this isn’t anything out of the ordinary, it feels like I’m stumbling upon new labels daily, this one stuck a chord, and since then I’ve been hooked on 80N7. Like a lot of fledgling labels, 80N7 started putting out mixtapes. The difference here is that they were ACTUALLY tapes. These compilations showcased some of the best DIY artists out there, and gave them a home. The first was simply titles 80N7. It was twenty quality tracks by Hooton Tennis Club, Spring King, Diveliner and thisyearinmusic’s favourite DIY-ers King TV. This was followed up by a Captain Samuari EP. Another slice of Dropout Pop heaven.



In January 80N7 released a fifteen track compilation featuring Ringo Deathstarr, Jake Rollins and Duke York, to name three. It was mind blowingly good. Then an EP from Gleemer. Now they have released a full album by Jake Rollins. Rollins entered my periphery due to his inclusion on the 80N7 compilations. Once I heard an album was in the offing I got excited. Unlike a lot of musical excitements, this one paid off, and Spend A Few, Make A Few has been on constant repeat for most of the day.



Spend A Few, Make A Few has all the markings of a classic DIY album. It’s only thirty four minutes long, the eleven tracks never outstay their welcome, it’s catchy as hell, there’s plenty of fuzz/distortion, it tells a story and once it finishes you want to hear it again. I’m trying not to over play it, but it’s getting harder not to give it another listen.



Rumour has it that Rollins, and 80N7 have more up their DIY sleeves, and 2015 is shaping up to be their year! If you’ll forgive me I need to go and re-start this album as it’s just finished and I’m getting twitchy without its Rattle and Hiss.













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  1. Scott said:

    That’s not the type of music I normally listen to…but…I really like it!

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