02/03/2015 – Money for Rope-Hang Em High (2015)

Australian quintet deliver on last year’s promises



Albert Camus once said “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of” while agree with this quote, in practice, today, in theory it has been proved wrong. Over the past few months I have been waiting and searching for an album. Sadly I couldn’t find it. That is until today. Today that album has been released. The album in question is the self-titled album by Money for Rope.



This Australian surf garage rock quintet has finally released their debut on Killing Moon. The good people at KM know a good thing when they see, or hear it, and this album is album is crammed full of them! Money for Rope has culled a loyal following wherever they play, and what’s more they’ve recorded an album that captures this. Blending catchy hooks, poignant lyrics with blistering guitars and throbbing bass this is the live experience, in the comfort of your lounge, desk or commute.



Opening track Common Man is a groove based romp, think Riders on the Storm played the house band in an indie disco on the outskirts of town. The punters sway and drink while the group ramps up tension through organs and Julian Mckenzie’s soaring vocals. On Been in the Wars Brendan West provided the perfect fuzzy growling bass for the rest of the band to drop in and out of. You’ll Be Gone and Misery Lane are both slow burning numbers that show off the band’s ability to craft sonic maelstroms but never blow their full wad.

It isn’t until Ten Times that the album really starts to get going. Appearing on last year New Moons II compilation, this track is everything I wrote about it then an more! Hang Em High starts slow and gets faster and faster until its break neck outro. The album closes perfectly with last year’s single Easy Way Out.



Money for Rope is an album of two sides. The first is a gently introduces you to the band. It shows you how good they are without ever putting their foot down. The second side, takes all this good work, but puts it foot to the floor shows you what they can REALLY do.



After playing the album its memory beguiles. You think you remember the tracks as they were, and their meanings sink in. However when you play it again reality intrudes and show that its nine tracks are clear and crisp the clarity if the lyrics focus’s your attention. What you thought they were about, aren’t. This is rare. Camus thought searching for happiness will never make you happy, but searching for the meaning of these tracks will, as it means you have to play this wonderful album again and again!













  1. This is absolutely awesome! Would be awesome to workout to or even clean, yes I am a dancing crazy person while cleaning the house ha ha

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