24/02/2015 – Swingatto-Djangology (2014)

Old Mary hosts London’s premier Gypsy Swing group this Thursday



This Thursday at Old Mary’s in Lancaster is one for your diary. London’s premier Gypsy Swing group, Swingatto are returning. Channelling the spirit of Django Reinhardt, Swingatto play with a passion and feel that is missing in other Gypsy Swing groups.



Old Mary’s is the perfect place for this kind of music. This basement cocktail bar is so intimate you can hear the groups discussing the next song in their breaks. And let’s not forget the cocktails. Old Mary’s has some of the best mixologists and bar staff in London. Their cocktail menu is as long as it is original, however if you know it, they’ll make it for you!



Last November I was lucky enough to witness Swingatto’s rousing set in this venue, and if this Thursday’s set is half as good, we’ll all be in for a good night! Music starts at 8, so I advise you to get down early otherwise you’ll getting in the way of the dancers!











1 comment
  1. teazoaa said:

    I enjoy it Nick, they sound great at Old Mary’s

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