23/02/2015 – Movie-Tusk Vegas (2015)

Reimagined 80’s pop never sounded so vital



Tusk Vegas is a monster. It is three and a half minutes of exquisite indie pop. Sounding somewhere between the disco beats and spazzy angular guitars or Franz Ferdinand, the vocal delivery of Kasabian and retro vibe of Lobster Club, Movie can strut comfortable on any dance floor, and high-street for that, across the country.





What’s more the rest of the EP is just as infectious. In a Life brings to mind the Cure at their hauntingly poppy best. In Vain is another indie disco stomper. Misty Windowpane sounds like the Thompson Twin, but instead of synths and keyboards, they had more guitars.



The Tusk Vegas EP is released today and I can’t think of a better way to kick of a new week than buy this and playing it on loop, like a demented mantra until next Monday rears it’s ugly head! This is essential listening!














  1. This is awesome! I love Retro Style things! Definitely made my feet tap to the beat and it actually made me smile, great choice Nick!

  2. The music video is unique, it reminds me of some Bruno mars video. Indie pop deserves a huge recognition

  3. I love this! The blend of different styles of music give this such a unique sound. I loved the Thompson Twins:)

  4. Interesting video…guess I’m getting old with the music these days:(

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