20/02/2015 – Cousins-Phone (2014)

Canadian garage rock duo are the only thing worth playing to get your weekend started



As soon I heard Phone by Cousins I wanted to hear more. And I wanted to hear it LOUD! Cousins make the kind of music that won’t win any award for its complexity, but they will win fans for their frankness. They don’t mess about. As soon as you press play, BAM, the music is loud, hard and in your face. It’s nigh on perfect.



Cousins write catchy pop songs, but they use lo-fi garage rock to hide this under layers or feedback, tinny guitars and reverbed drums. Their latest albums Halls of Wickwire is chocked full of catchy melodies, infections hooks and sing-a-long choruses. While submerging pop in feedback isn’t new, Cousins do it better than most of their peers, the tracks have an anthemic quality to them, that makes repeate listens a must!



As it’s Friday afternoon, why not get in the weekend spirit by playing Halls of Wickwire while vaguely staring at the clock and playing flash games on the sly.














  1. The Cousins sound pretty cool! In love to play my music loud!😀😀

  2. I am definitely enjoying the instrumental but sadly the vocals are turning me away a little bit ha ha

  3. Looks like I’ve heard this before. I love the beat

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