16/02/2015 – SeaWitches-Stars (2015)

Liverpool quartet releases the Post-Pop track of the year



Stars by SeaWitches is a perfect mix of indie cool and pop hooks. Sounding like the Cure, Belle & Sebastian and Nico, they drawn you in with jangling guitar riffs and bittersweet lyrics. What’s more remarkable is that Stars is only two minutes twenty long, and this is only their third release!



SeaWitches are one of those bands that are easy to get excited about. They sound like a dream, have a great name, a strong image and, from what I’ve been told, are incendiary live. The only downside is their limited output. However with tracks this good, and their previous two EP’s, this isn’t a problem.





Rumour has it that this is just the start of what SeaWitches will released this year. If Stars is anything to go by, SeaWitches have a bright future with their perfect blend of Post-Pop. Be excited, be very excited!












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  1. Oh I really liked this song and found myself tapping my feet to the beat 🙂

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