15/02/2015 – Snowman-Street Corner Music (2008)

Theme music never sounded so good!





Over the past few months I’ve been thinking about what my theme music would be, if I could have some. Ultimately it would be great to have a few selections, so whatever your mood people would know how to approach you. If it was ethereal and playful you were in a good mood, Heavy and dark a bad mood, etc, etc.



As we all sadly know, this isn’t going to happen, unless you have a Blu Tooth speaker secreted about your person, but it did get me thinking about it. After a few months, and a lot of digging, this is what I decided on my theme music.





It’s upbeat, catchy and well known. Granted you would have to be in a good mood, otherwise it would start to grate. What’s brilliant about this version that on certain occasions you would actually want the band to follow you. Imagine walking down the street with a matching band playing that behind you and bumping into someone from your past who’d put you down, or said you’d never amount to anything and having that playing whilst meeting them? Argument won, am I right?



Recently however my decision has started to change. I now think that today’s track would be my theme music. It’s more contemporary, and you’d only need the hidden speakers I mentioned earlier to hear it. I haven’t found a situation that this music hasn’t improved!



Sadly the point of this blog is redundant as if you did walk around with theme music you’d probably end up with an ASBO. But imagine if you could, it would be EPIC!


What would your theme music be?















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  1. I agree, I always choose my music in my mood. Thank you for sharing

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