13/02/2015 – Beckyoncé -Single Loser (Put a Beck on it) (2015)

Mash Up settles Grammy argument once and for all



After last week’s Grammy Award ceremony there has been a lot of talk about whether Beck deserved the best album award or Beyoncé. Ultimately neither did, or didn’t deserve the award as awards don’t really matter. They were invented by the industry to either sell copes of an underperforming album, or try and sell more copies of an over saturated album.



I’m going off piste here, so let me try and bring it back. After Kanye West’s comment about who should have got the award, there has been a lot of debate about who should have won the award. Should Beck have got the award for one of his strongest album in years. One that he wrote produced arranged and played a lot of the instruments on said album. Or should Beyoncé get it, who doesn’t write, produce or arrange her music, yet has a great voice?



This week the definitive answer has been given. Let’s just hope that this track yields either a collaborational track or maybe an album!















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  1. Oh this is cool. I am a fan of both of them and both of these songs 🙂

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