10/02/2015 –Yoofs-Another Boring Day (2015)

Southern psych-gazers look set to make 2015 a year to remember



In the pantheon of indie, genres come and go. Some stay forever, while other disappear without a trace. One genre that looked set to be on the way out was Shoegazing. This was until a few years ago, when a slew of new bands with fuzzed out melodic tracks started to appear in venues across the country. One of these bands was Dorset’s Yoofs. Their 2012 debut We Used 2 Be Fun, showcased their ability to take a vanished genre and create something fresh and exciting. Last year saw the release of Something. While this was chocked full of great tracks, it was a very different sounding album. The walls of feedback had been replaced with some of the best summery guitars since Trident Productions.



Yoofs have returned with comeback single Another Boring Day. The track opens with a fuzzy guitar riff, but when the verse kicks in, the guitars go clean. What this track does successfully is merge their first two albums. The lyrical sentiments of Something are merged with the fuzzy wall of sound used on We Used 2 Be Fun. As with all Yoofs’ tracks, it makes me long for the Summer, and this is no exception.



There is a strong rumour that Yoofs will release their third album later this year. If Another Boring Day is anything to go by it looks set to be their finest and most cohesive work to date.

















  1. JoCasey said:

    This is my kind of sound – reminds me spring is coming soon to be followed by the hazy days of summer!

  2. teazoaa said:

    Loved it Nick…great for my morning!

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