09/02/2015 – Selectric–Rudnick’s Magic Recorder (2015)

What happens if you add a horn section to a Math-Rock band? Selectric!



Who’d have thought that adding a horn section to a Math-Rock band would work? Luckily Si Paton does. Selectric are a seven piece Math-Pop band from West London and the brain child of Si Paton. This week Selectric release the Insultc EP. It is 20 minutes of Math-Rock with a soul side. So Math-Pop!



Musically Insultc is a mixture of classic Math-Rock, but with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Memphis Horns leanings. What sets Selectric apart from other Jazz Math-Rock bands is they have a pop sensibility and what more they are having a blast. This EP is insanely catchy and gets better with repeat plays.



This Wednesday Selectric will be playing Power Lunches in Hackney to celebrate the release of Insultc EP. It looks set to be an amazing night. So get yourself on down and pick up a copy of this EP on cassette! Yes I said cassette!

















  1. It grows on you doesn’t it? I didn’t like the first time I listened to it, but… it certainly is interesting. *sits on hands*

  2. This is something I definitely needed to hear tonight. I think I have now listened to it at least 5 times!

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