07/02/2015 – Kalyanji-Anandji-Dance Music (1973)

Lazy Saturday’s are the perfect antidote after a hectic week!



After a hectic week, what better way to wind down than doing nothing! This is exactly what I plan to do today. Well by nothing I don’t just mean lie on the sofa and gaze out of the window at watch planes and vapour trails. I’m aiming a little higher than that.



So far I have woke up, always a good start, gone to the sorting office and picked up post that either our postman couldn’t or didn’t want to put through the letterbox. Then did some basic food shopping. When I got home I ripped my new CD’s and listened to a couple of records while drinking tea. After that I watched a few episodes of It’s Always Sunny. Now I am contemplating going out and watching some rugby.



One of the albums I played was the Rough Guide to Psychedelic India. As the title indicates, a lot of the tracks sound like they are tripping balls! If you are into out there psych, or interesting world music then this is for you. You could buy a lot worse than this. Also check out the others in the series too. All of them showcase the best of their specific region!



While this might seem like a waste of perfectly good Saturday, this is exactly what the Doctor ordered!












  1. This is awesome!!! I will definitely listen through the whole Album. PS. Anything with Psychedelic in the name is awesome! ha ha

  2. You definitely have some amazing choices in music.

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