06/02/2015 – SOAK-Sea Creatures (2015)

18 year old chanteuse looks set to make 2015 hers!



Sea Creatures three minutes of fantastic dream pop. At 18 years SOAK, Birdie Monds-Watson, is wise beyond her years, and her song writing showcases this. Lyrics such as “They don’t know what love is, Throw it around like it’s worthless, They don’t know what love is!” and “I pray for you, And you know I don’t like Jesus!, Want you to get better… , Please, please get better, For you, for me” show her understanding of the human condition and what it means to love. I can’t think of another set of lyrics written in the past year that have affected me like these.



The track opens with the sound of the sea, when the music kicks in; it follows the ebb and flow of the tide. SOAK’s vocals rise and fall with this pattern. At times Sea Creatures resembles Ben E. King’s classic Stand By Me, but this isn’t a bad thing, as it never pastiches the original.



SOAK is getting some major attention after being included in the BBC Introducing 2015 list. Let’s hope that it isn’t long before SOAK becomes a household name and her song writing is lauded for honest interpretations of life and society. Runour has it that her album is on the way and this this, and last year B a noBody is anything to go by it looks set to be included on 2015’s end of year lists. SOAK is definitely one to watch!












  1. This is a really good track.It had me sucked in right from the beginning, everything just fits together so perfectly

    • I think it’s great! I’m really looking forward to her album.

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