05/02/2015 – Alex Mytton-Electric (2015)

Reality TV star unsurprisingly releases single, result are surprising



On a timeline there is the inevitability that soap/reality stars (and I use star here in its loosest sense) will turn their hand to music and release a single. We’ve seen it all before. However for every Kylie, there are countless Bill Tarmey, Anita Dobson, Hollie Valance, Michelle Gayle and Bubble’s. It appears that Alex Mytton (from Made in Chelsea fame) has now decided to throw his hat in the ring.



Mytton isn’t the first Made in Chelsea cast member to try their hand at music. Fellow cast mate Andy Jordan released an EP last year. But instead of horrible amalgamation of Ed Sheeran, the Kooks and Counting Crows, Mytton has decided to go down the more route of dancey pop music. However the route detours into garage. After hearing Electric it’s safe to say it’s not what I expected. Electric opens with a woozy synth line and piano riff. Echoy vocals and 2-step beats and bass line enter the mix. At times it’s a little reminiscent of a slowed down Gotta Get Through This.






Despite Mytton’s best efforts, the clichés still remain. Autotuned saccharine vocals with a generic beat 4/4, until the chorus at least, and the excessive use of the word ‘Baby’ and ‘Love’ pester the track. Also it’s hard to know Mytton’s actual input. Did he write and produce Electric, or was a ghost-writer brought in to pad out his original ideas (i.e. a dance track with garage leanings)? Ultimately it doesn’t really matter, as this has One-Hit-Wonder written all over it, and that’s being fare. Like his screen time in the last series of Made in Chelsea, Mytton’s music career looks fleeting. Don’t give up the day job. Oh wait…













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