02/02/2015 – LOOK.- All U Have (2015)

Bass producers new EP is best played loud and regularly



The first noticeable aspect to LOOK.’s Knockturnal EP is the simplicity. Each track is composed of very few elements. Slow pounding beat, vocal sample, synth/keyboards and bass. Through clever arrangement and production, there appears to be more going on. This works for all the tracks. What LOOK. has successfully done is deliver four tracks that are incredibly lean, but demand repeat listens. If there were too many elements, it would all get lost.



LOOK.’s influences are plain to see. A bit of Daft Punk, a touch of FlyLo, add a dollop of Kavinsky, throw in some Grime and blend. But what sets LOOK. apart from his peers, is his ability to make these elements sound his own. Instead of using generic vocalists or rappers, LOOK. employs the the use of vocal samples from films, documentaries and interviews. This adds extra texture and each of the tracks has a different feel and story.


On Stylss Records LOOK. has found a great home. They constantly find the best new, and experimental artists/producers. This seems like a match made in heaven, and fingers crossed they continue to release strong release after strong release.













  1. Ray said:

    I will give it a listen and see, but it really doesn’t sound like my kind of thing to be honest. Thanks for sharing all the same though.

    • No worries, if there is something about it, or piece you like/disliked, let me know anyway.

  2. kungphoo said:

    Some amazing acoustics going on in this song, and I liked the intro of Denzel… very cool! 2nd track seems cool also, very interesting music…

  3. I am conflicted about it, the vocals in the beginning remind me of some scary show introductions ha ha I really want to like it but I guess it’s just not for me. Sorry.

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