January 2015 Playlist

So the first month of the New Year is over. Only 11 more to go… On this cheery thought, let’s look back at some of the musical moments that have stood out.



It was a month of comebacks. Some good, the Go! Team announced that they were the phoenix from the flames, with their comeback single. The Pop Group released their first new material in three decades, and what’s more it was worth the wait. Belle and Sebastian’s new album showed that not only had returned to their best, but they were comfortable to add new dancier elements to their twee stories of love and longing. Emmy the Great pulled off a similar feat with her S EP. Ghost Culture has released one of the albums of the year so far. The way he updated and surpassed the Hot Chip/LCD Soundsystem blueprint was a joy to hold. Boxed In showed that Ghost Culture wasn’t the only one that showed her was capable of pulling off this feat. Kitty, Daisy and Lewis released their low awaited third album, and didn’t disappoint.



Sadly however not all comebacks were good. The Prodigy returned with new singles Nasty and the Day is My Enemy. Sadly all their posturing and hype has so far yielded tracks that are not only underwhelming, but sound dated. Meghan Trainor released her follow up single to All About that Bass, but sadly the track missed out on all the clever social commentary of her debut.



On the live scene Du Bellows and Two Hands showed that West London is slowly the place to come to for live music, rather than the uber trendy East.



February is just around the corner, and there are already a slew of releases on the horizon that look set to keep us all entertained as January got the year going.











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