01/02/2015 – Digitonal-Snowflake Vectors (2004)

Travelling across England never sounded so thematic



What is it about the cross pollination of genres that is so interesting and rewarding? On paper classical and electronic shouldn’t work, but it does. Since the invention of synths and keyboards musicians have been updating the classical sound. The work Walter/Wendy Carlos did in the 1960’s and 1970’s was remarkable and Isao Tomita’s output has been nothing short of phenomenal.



In recent years the group that have pushed this merging further are Digitonal. For over a decade they have seamlessly merged the aesthetic of classical music with the production techniques of electronica. The results speak for themselves. Their debut album 23 things Fall Apart is still one of the most beguiling and compelling debut albums I’ve heard, their follow up release the Centre Cannot Hold EP continued the themes and ideas, but these four tracks had an urgency that the debut only hinted at, at times.



So as I sit on a train hurtling from the North of England, back to the capital, I’m drawn to their work as my travelling soundtrack. Maybe it’s the rhythmic clicks and glitches that are in time with the train’s movements, or the lush string sections that seem to mirror the landscape perfectly, but on this wintery morning the two have merged perfectly. All that is left is to sit back and take in the beauty of the English countryside, while my head revels in ebb and flow of this great band.













  1. I love having soundtracks to my travels. There are certain songs that will always remind me of places around the world.

  2. This is really awesome. I can definitely hear the classical music, which I am a major fan of. It’s quite a calming song but not too calm that it makes me over think everything. Really enjoy it.

    • Check out some of their other tracks. They get a bit full on in places.

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