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LA prolific lo-fi producer returns two months after last album



Last November Miguel Baptista Benedict released meek(ch)o. It further cemented his reputation as a producer who not only makes quirky idiocentric music, but isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what contemporary composition can be. It was an album that didn’t just get under your skin, it got in your head. While it wasn’t an easy nut to crack, once you had, every listen yielded new surprises and pleasure.



Two months after this release, Miguel Baptista Benedict returns with bedsores (regurgitations and loops). The only note that accompanies the album says “soundtrack to sleep paralysis” This is quite a fitting note as the whole album has a lurid surreal feel to it. Swaths of droney synths permeate sections that were filled with clinky loops. Sounds fade in and out without explanations, some become part of the track again, others vanish forever. One of the tracks that exemplifies this is Romulus. On the surface there appears to me not a great deal going on, but when you start to penetrate it, there are layers upon layers of texture and tone. Polar bear boredom track starts with an off kilter synth that is peppered with acoustic guitar, that has been heavily manipulated, to give it a surreal feel. What Benedict is playing on the individual instruments isn’t that jarring, but combined, which is uplifting as well as eerie and unsettling.



There is one track in particular that needs a mention. Mouth girth. At 38 seconds it is one of the shortest tracks on the album, but it packs a massive punch. Sounding like an indie band demo CD that has been found on the side of the road, the track glitches and pulsates until its (il)logical conclusion.



On bedsores Benedict has proven, yet again, that in terms of scope creativity and arrangement no one can touch him. The way he seamlessly mixes textures of sounds, acoustic guitars synths and digital manipulation techniques, to create soundscapes that completely capture and represent a dreamlike state perfectly. At times if feels like you are listening to an audio version of David Lynch’s debut Eraserhead.



Again this isn’t for everyone, but if you are willing to put in the work and enter with an open mind, this could be the soundtrack to your next sleep.