28/01/2015 – Du Bellows-Isa Du Bellow (2012)

The Half Moon Putney hosts two of the brightest lights of West London scene


Keep 29th January free. One of the most anticipated gigs of the year is taking place at Putney’s Half Moon. The bill is simples Two Hands and Du Bellows. Both hail from West London, and are at the forefront of helping to move the attention from East London to West London.



First on the bill are Two Hands. Forming in the embers of 2014, this trio are purveyors of heavy melodic rock. If you are into Queens of the Stone Age, Interpol, Arctic Monkeys, BRMC and Band of Skulls, this is a band you need to first listen to, secondly see live, thirdly listen to again and repeat until their lyrics and rhythmic brand of rock penetrates every cell of your body!





Headliners are the more seasoned veterans of the live scene Du Bellows. At times it’s hard to remember that Du Bellows have only been around since 2012. Forming from impromptu sets at the start and end of an open mic night, Du Bellows have taken the London music scene by storm, gaining praise from almost everyone who sees them, most notably Jimmy Page who declared “Du Bellows are by far one of the most interesting and musically adept bands I have seen recently” then added “There is a cosmic counterpoint alive and well here”. Musically they run the gauntlet between Country, Folk, Blues, Gospel and Rock, however with vocalist Jade Williams, she conjures up and evokes the spirit of Janis Joplin, Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell whilst sounding modern and with contemporary tales of urban living. Rumour has it that an album is in the offing, which, given the quality of their Stir Studio Session and live set will be a high watermark of the year it’s released.




If this wasn’t enough there is another reason to attend this gig. The Half Moon are releasing an 12” album called “Live from the Moon” for £10, this coincides with Independent Venue Week. The proceeds are going to the Nordoff Robbins Charity. Nordoff Robbins offer music therapy, and this is a great way to help a worthwhile cause. Du Bellow feature on the album along with Dr. Feelgood, John Bramwell (I Am Kloot), Millers Daughter and Eddie and the Hot Rods to name a few.



All of this looks set to be one of the most exciting and worthwhile gigs in recent months. It all kicks off at 8:45 at the Half Moon in Putney. See you there!

















  1. Will you be attending the Jan 29 show? It’s a bit far for me to travel to London from Montreal, but I would love to get to London one day! Have a great time!

    • That is a trek for a few hours of live music. I can say it would be worth the trek though.

  2. teazoaa said:

    Thanky for sharing great music!

  3. Amy said:

    That sounds like a fun event! Have a great time and enjoy all that live music!

  4. I would like to attend, but a bit far. Will this be on a podcast?

  5. Not a regular in my listening rotation, I preferred the slower track to the faster one. I couldn’t hear the lyrics on the first track very well.

    • Each to their own. I think each track would make an amazing double A-Side 7″ single.

      Did you like the music with the Two Hands track though?

  6. A. I love Arctic Monkey and you were right Two Hands are now definitely on my to listen list. Du Bellows is definitely different but I liked it, it’s much calmer at least the beginning. Somehow reminds me a little bit of some country musicians.

    • Glad that you found something that you enjoyed. Du Bellows may seem calmer, but they’re not. It’s a rouse!

  7. It would be great to experience a bit of the London music scene and taking in a sound like this. maybe the next time I visit

    • It was a really good gig. There are always plenty of gigs going on, so if you ever did visit London, you’d find something to your tastes.

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