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Rockabilly siblings return to form on third album proving Rock ‘n’ Roll ain’t dead!



Since emerging on the scene 7 years ago Kitty, Daisy and Lewis have been at the forefront of the Rockabilly/Rock ‘n’ Roll revival scene. Seamlessly merging the sound and spirit of 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll with contemporary issues, they have carved out a niche and are regular favourites at festivals around the world.



Their third album, ironically titled ‘Third’ picks up where last album Smoking in Heaven left off. The album shows that in the intervening years the family Durham haven’t lost any ability to tell a story. Whenever You See Me, is a stompy rocker that opens the album perfectly. It yells “We’re back!” Lead single Baby Bye Bye sounds like a lost treasure from Sun Record’s vault. While the song sounds sugary sweet the lyrics, and video, are not so lovely.





Third isn’t just a Rock ‘n’ Roll album though, as Feeling of Wonder and Turkish Delight alluded to. Feeling of Wonder is a soul working out, taking pointers from Stevie Wonder at his most funky and lyrical. Producer Mick Jones makes an appearance too. Turkish Delight has a Ska feel to it, reminiscent of Tommy McCook’s Reggae Merengue, or the Lynn Taitt classic Napoleon Solo. What more could you want?



Stand out track Whiskey has Indian influences. Droney sitar slowly builds and merges with guitar, bass, drums and strings to create a memorable end to the album. The album closes with Developer’s Disease. This is a protest song about the closure and destruction of local London venues for make way for new flats and shopping centres. Considering what’s happened in Soho since last December it is extremely topical.



Given the ages of the Durham’s, all early-mid twenty, this album is . At times, especially during the second half of the album some of the songs drag, Never Get Back in particular. If a few moments were shaved off here and there, Third, would end as punchy as it started, but at 43 minutes it’s pretty lean anyway.



Kitty, Daisy and Lewis will be on tour from 15th February until mid-May, if they are paying in your town or at a local festival you will be missing out on a great night out. Expect to dance until your feet hurt!