24/01/2015 – Ella and the Blisters-Oh Darling (2015)

West London Gypsy Folk group’s debut album will have you shimmying and pogoing to your hearts content



Ella and the Blisters exploded onto the music scene last year with two original and enjoyable singles. These singles and a slew of incendiary live performances have helped to make them one of the most exciting and engaging bands playing at the moment. 2015 looks set to continue in the same vein as they have released their self-titled debut album.



The beauty of this album is that it can’t be pigeonholed, as the tracks incorporate folk, jazz, gypsy swing, blues, skiffle and good old fashioned rock and roll. If this doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t fret the lyrics are a mixture of traditional themes (love, loss and redemption), but with extra social commentary to boot. Lead singer and band leader Gabs Romano’s vocals are reminiscent of Imelda May and Caro Emerald, but with a touch of vaudeville and the English folk tradition to them.



What Ella and the Blisters have successfully done is re-invent the English folk album. While this might not be to all purists tastes, due to the cross pollination of other genres to their sound, it should appeal to non-folkies. In March Ella and Blisters are playing at the Gladstone Arms in Borough. I recommend for you to get down early, as this will be a gig you won’t want to miss!












  1. Carrie Ann Tripp said:

    Those shoes on the album cover would most definitely give me blisters! 😉

    I had to install spotify to listen, so I’m glad that the lead vocalist had a good set of pipes! Thanks for introducing us to something new.

    • I think I’d have to agree with you about the shoes!

      Glad that you liked it! What was it that you enjoyed the most?

  2. lcrilley said:

    I always find something new when I stop by your blog. Some I like (like this one) some I don’t – but I’m always appreciative for the new knowledge.

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