Daily Archives: January 23, 2015

Killing Moon’s new comp picks up where volume 2 left off



It only seems like yesterday when Killing Moon Records and Ally McCrae have announced the release of the second New Moons. It was one of the best compilations released last year. It was chocked full of 26 of the best new and emerging bands and musicians. It illustrated why Killing Moon is quickly becoming one of the best independent record labels around. So now they’re back again with a third instalment in the New Moons saga.



The stand out track is Hand Jive by Total Navajo. This Californian trio’s debut EP was released late last year. It showcased their talent of writing headbreakers as well as stompers. Hand Jive is the latter. The track is constructed around a blues riff, with the band either playing in or around its pattern. While Total Navajo aren’t reinventing the wheel, they have created a catchy and memorable track. At times it reminds me of a heavier and dirtier Gomez combined with the Dead Weather at their most brash and visceral.



What makes New Moons Volume III interesting is they’ve tried to broaden their musical gambit. Not just is rock, indie, emo, electronica and pop represented, but Hip-Hop thanks to Matty Rico, Heavy Rock by the OBGM’s, a tear jerking ballad by Nadine Shah, United Fruit adding some Power Pop and True Arcadian representing Metal. There is a downside to these genres being added, the album does not flow as smoothly as its predecessor as some of the genres jar against each other. Saying that each song deserves to be on this compilation, and individually their inclusion works.



Killing Moon Records look set to continue their plan for world domination in 2015. Their club nights are must go to events, and their artists gigs are a not just a celebration of music, but of like-minded people getting together to enjoy in something special. Here’s to New Moons Volume III, everyone here at thisyearinmusic towers is chomping at the bit to hear New Moons IV!