20/01/2015 – Meghan Trainor-Lips are Movin’ (2014)

All About that Bass follow up feels flat. More bass needed



Last year you couldn’t move in certain shops, coffee houses, high street sandwich takeaways and workplace kitchens without hear All About that Bass. Its epidemic made Ebola look like a common cold. While the song was annoying, it had an interesting message. Bass is better than treble, right?



Now its follow up is released. Lips are Movin’ is a jaunty trip through pop’s past and it’s present. Sadly the message isn’t as interesting as its predecessors. If your lips are moving, you are lying. While this might be true for Trainor’s past relationships, it seems pretty cliché and tired. To counter this pretty much every musical motif is thrown at this song.



Lips are Movin’ opens with a Doo-Wop-esque vocal workout, then it quickly jumps to Hip-Pop. Not only can Trainor sing, she can rap! Doo-Wop and Soul are now added to the track and the Hip-Pop returns for the chorus. This pattern pretty much repeats itself until the track ends with an almost never ending repetition of the chorus.





Ultimately Trainor’s brand of high energy Doo-Wop, Blue Eyed Soul, Bubble Gum, Hip-Pop is infectious. While Lips are Movin’ isn’t as infectious as All About that Bass, it does hit chicken pox at a nursery levels. Where the track falls down is that as they’ve cross pollinated so many genres and styles, the song doesn’t have its own identity. All About that Bass felt complete. From its jazz double bass line, urban hand claps and calypso verses. It all worked. Lips are Movin’ however feels forced. You could imagine the A&R saying “Ok Meghan that worked really well. Let’s do it again, but with more Doo-Wop, yeah?”



I have no doubt that this will be a massive hit, and will help the albums journey (yes that is how the industry describes what happens to an album after it’s released) and at 21 Trainor will have a bright and illustrious career (sic). However it feels like a missed opportunity for Trainor to have tackled more of societies ridiculous stereotypes and prejudices. Oh and music could have been better too!













    • I don’t disagree with you, but Bass was a ‘good’ song and had a positive message. This seems like a step back.

  1. “Bass is better than trebble.” Made me “LMFAO” and no mistaking! Nice.

  2. Melody Pittman said:

    Oh how I love music posts! You have a brilliant way with words, great descriptions. 😉 I cannot make up my mind if I like her or not, but I find myself singing her catchy tunes all the time. I love the SNL skits, to. 😉

    • I don’t really like her music, but I find her themes interesting, well, more interesting than other pop acts.

  3. swood97 said:

    I’m not even into pop music all that much and I have heard All about that bass a zillion times. If she has the same promoter, we will become familiar with those lying lips too, I guess. I actually didn’t know who she was until she sang with Miranda Lambert on a country music program.

    • I like the message in Bass, but there isn’t really one here, apart from she needs a new partner if they are always lying to her. Sadly this won’t be the last time we hear from Meghan…

  4. She feels like another flash in the pan. An answer to a trivia question in a few years…an answer few will know.

    • I agree that she is facing one-hit-wonder territory at the moment, but look at Katy Perry. She was facing the same thing and pulled it back. At times I wish she hadn’t though. However Trainor is trying to say something interesting, or she was on Bass anyway. Maybe she might pull it back.

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