Daily Archives: January 19, 2015

London producer releases the missing link between indie pop and electronica



Boxed In is the project of London Producer Oli Bayston. What started as a solo project has evolved into a full band. Boxed In make joyous music that should be played loud as often as possible. This is exactly what Bayston does live as often as possible. Boxed In’s self-titled debut album delivers what was predicted by the singles they have put out over the last year.



Seamlessly blending indie, disco, pop and electronica Bayston has created an almost perfect Post-Pop album. Opening track Mystery starts with the line “Inspiration comes from the most unfamiliar places, I meet you and You are now me” Existential leanings isn’t something you usually expect to find in a pop song, but this isn’t your average pop song, or album. This tracks sets up the album perfectly, as the line is backed by a Stevie Wonder-esque drum beat and a jaunty piano line. This builds as the track progresses. At its peak there is a vocal section that sounds like Gregorian chants, before the chorus kicks in again.



What this album delivers is surprises, and there are plenty of them. Once you think you have a track worked out, it’ll either switch direction or become something else. You’ll hear a different melody, or rhythm and it will totally change your perception of the track.



The only downside to this album is at times it sounds a lot like Hot Chip. While the songs never fully sound like rip offs, their presence is all over this album. Luckily Bayston has a lot more to offer. His arrangements showcase not only his ear for a melody, but he has a way with words and feeling that Hot Chip have never quite managed to pull off. This is a very clever and catchy album that gets better with each listen. Which is just want you want from a Pop album!