Daily Archives: January 18, 2015

Post-Punk quartet’s debut EP still sounds fresh and exciting 30 years later



Greenhouse of Terror were like a lot of bands in the mid 1980’s. They released cutting edge music, then broke up before a sequel could be released. All they have to show that they even existed is one 12” EP and the memories of the people who saw them.



The five tracks were a mixture of Post-Punk, Indie and good old fashioned rock and roll! The tracks were melodic and rhythmic, with driving bass and angular guitar. If you’re thinking of Adam Ant-Car Trouble and you’re on the right lines.





Rumour has it that a reformation gigs are on the cards and new material is being written and recorded. This is great news and a follow up to the Greenhouse of Terror EP is long overdue. All that’s left to do really is re-play the original five tracks for the umpteenth time and hope they haven’t lost any of their original charm and ferocity.