17/01/2015 – The Everglows-It’s Alright (For You and Me) (2015)

London trio channel New Wave and Britpop to create catchy Saturday soundtrack



The Everglows are a trio from London who, like many before them, started off as a cover band, but started writing original compositions. This switch appears to be a great idea, as It’s Alright is a gem of a New Wave, Power Pop track.



Opening with a riff that never seems to end, in a good way, the track quickly switches to a full band piece, with pounding drums and pulsating bass. From there it follows all the conventions of a pop track, verse, chorus, middle eight, solo, outro. The Everglows aren’t just going through the motions though. This is a well thought out and written pop track.



In a day and age when cover bands and artists are on the rise, thanks Youtube, it’s good to see a band make the switch from covers to originals. Given the quality of their tracks this looks like a band to keep an eye on!













  1. V.J.Maheu said:

    They have a good sound!

      • V.J.Maheu said:

        Well I don’t know enough about music to really put it into technical terms, but in general I like the rock / pop style beat, the repetitive chorus, the guitar…

      • That is the beauty of music. You don’t have to be a historian to know what you do or don’t like. I was curious as to what it was that you liked.

  2. Great post! I agree, I would so much rather listen to original music. It’s rare that I hear a cover that I love as much as the original

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