Daily Archives: January 17, 2015

London trio channel New Wave and Britpop to create catchy Saturday soundtrack



The Everglows are a trio from London who, like many before them, started off as a cover band, but started writing original compositions. This switch appears to be a great idea, as It’s Alright is a gem of a New Wave, Power Pop track.



Opening with a riff that never seems to end, in a good way, the track quickly switches to a full band piece, with pounding drums and pulsating bass. From there it follows all the conventions of a pop track, verse, chorus, middle eight, solo, outro. The Everglows aren’t just going through the motions though. This is a well thought out and written pop track.



In a day and age when cover bands and artists are on the rise, thanks Youtube, it’s good to see a band make the switch from covers to originals. Given the quality of their tracks this looks like a band to keep an eye on!