Daily Archives: January 16, 2015

West London troubadour has new a new sound and band for the new year



West London’s music scene is having a revival at the moment. Over the past decade all the attention of new bands has been in the East, but slowly that spotlight has been moving Westward. One of the main factors in this is West London is being remembered as the place where the British rock and blues music scene started. Bands like Du Bellows and the Chairs have shown that there are good bands coming out of West London, and DJ producers like Lorca show that electronic music is alive and well too. There is another band throwing their hat in the mix now. Two Hands are a three piece from Ealing, who are showing that heavy melodic rock doesn’t just come from Brighton.



What Two Hands do best is they don’t mess about getting to the point. Take Even Want to Know. In the first 3 three seconds you know all you need to know about this track. It opens with the chorus, clever song writing, the music is a surging force that doesn’t let up for the duration of the track. And what’s more it’s catchy as hell! Cherry picking all the best bits of Interpol, Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stoneage, Two Hands have successfully crafted a trio of tracks that sound familiar and comfroting, but have their own identity. The other two tracks on their debut EP follow this formula, driving lysergic music and questioning lyrics.



Given the strength and quality of these three tracks, 2015 looks set to be a very interesting and busy year to Two Hands. One night of interest will be 29th January, as they will be supporting other local heroes Du Bellows at an Earwicker Presents night at the Half Moon in Putney. This looks set to be another quality Earwicker night!