15/01/2015 – The Prodigy-Nasty (2015)

Prodigy’s comeback single is not as good as their hype



Nasty starts with a disjointed guitar riff that sounds like Breathe, but, you know, not as good. Then a Prodigy trademark heavy as beat kicks in. This is fine until Keith Flint’s shouty nonsensical stream of conscious lyrics start, loosely based around the word “Nasty”. The rest of the track follows this formula until it ends nearly four minutes later. It’s just Get Up Get Off II.





Once upon a time the Prodigy were one of the best and hardest hitting bands ever. Everything they did was gold. Experience is one of the best debut albums, Music for the Jilted Generation is a massively socio-political statement. Fat of the Land is an ok album, but this is where the story starts to turn sour. Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is a mish-mash of decent tracks and half formed ideas. However Invaders Must Die was back to form, which is why there were high hopes for Nasty.



What’s most disappointing about this track is how good it could have been. Over the past few months the Prodigy, especially Liam Howlett has been on the attack saying how the new album will be a ‘violent response to all that DJ bollocks’. Sadly this track is bollocks. Musically it’s ok, but lyrically it makes little sense and Flint’s style, which was once cutting edge, now seems annoying the tired. Let’s hope that the rest of the Day is My Enemy.













  1. Mary B said:

    Cant say that I was ever a fan, so I cant comment whether they are going uphill or downhill.

  2. Kim said:

    Also not a fan of that group, but you did a good review. 🙂 Don’t think I’ll be plunking down any dollars for that album. Thanks!

  3. You sure have an interesting variety of music. This one…well not so much my style.

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