Daily Archives: January 14, 2015

Jazz chauntress re-releases track, sounds as fresh then as it does now



Over the past few years Sasha Siem has released a couple of amazing singles. While she has a classical background, Siem’s singles have a jazz feel. She successfully mixes the ethos of jazz, this isn’t jazz-lite, this is jazz with a pop rock twist.



So Polite starts with a slow twanging string loop, but Siem’s voice is quick and this interplay shows off her jazz background, but its ground in contemporary music. There is juxtaposition between Siem’s beautiful voice and the junkyard cacophony of the music. At times it sounds like a mixture of Tom Waits and Moondog getting hammered and messing about with homemade instruments while Fiona Apple sings her heart out.



Rumour has it that Siem is set to release an album this year. If this re-issue and last year’s Proof single is anything to go by it will be one of the stand out releases of the year. Siem is a unique talent and the more people that know about her the better.