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13/01/2015 – Boy Names-Fox Mobility (2015)



South London’s underrated Indie Electro Pop group are looking to make 2015 theirs!



Last year Boy Names took massive steps. Not just musically, the brilliant Instant Ambition single was a massive highlight, they also proved that live, they are one of the best bands on the scene at the moment. 13 days into the New Year, Boy Names has showed their hand for making the year their own by announcing a new video and single in February.



Fox Mobility is full of Boy Names trademark ethereal harmonies and lamentable lyrics. The difference is that instead of the high octane pop we’ve been used to, Fox Mobility starts off slowly, almost mournful at times, then slowly builds to a soulful crescendo. There are industrial tinges too. Some of the synth loops sounds like gas escaping. This adds to texture and emotion to the track. Hailing from London, Boy Names are exposed to industrial sounds all the time, tubes, buses, cars, lifts at work, etc, so this inclusion into their music makes perfect sense and fits the track perfectly.



The difference between Fox Mobility and Instant Ambition is immense. At times they sound like two different bands. The musical step forward is the biggest difference. While Instant Ambition was a summery pop track, it seems almost two dimensional compared to Fox Mobility. There is an added depth that was missing before. Also the lyrical content has progressed too. In the past you knew what the tracks were about, but now there is an element of ambiguity to them. A little ambiguity goes a long way in music.



Whether Boy Names will continue down this darker route we will have to find out when the single is released in February, but for now we have a very intriguing couple of weeks. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on this year, and remember you heard of them here first!